When your Pocket Radar is linked to sidelineHD, livestreams and highlight clips will display LIVE pitching speeds.

Adding LIVE velo feeds from Pocket Radar 

Pocket Radar Connect / Pocket Radar PLUS

  • A subscription to Pocket Radar PLUS (formerly Pocket Radar Connect) unlocks velo feeds for sidelineHD and other streaming providers.
  • Pocket Radar PLUS is $4.99/month and $49.99/year (starting February 2023).  This is charged by Pocket Radar (not sidelineHD). 
  • You’ll need to use the iOS or Android “PR Sports” app.

Which Pocket Radar model and app do I need?

You need the Smart Coach Radar and the Pocket Radar Sports iOS app.

Using Pocket Radar Connect

  1. Before starting, make sure you have installed the Pocket Radar Sports app and connected it with your Smart Coach.  You should be able to start a velo session and view live velo feeds on your device's screen.
  2. Log in to your team's page on sidelineHD.  Go the the STREAMING tab and select "Pair Pocket Radar app".  
  3. Enter the email address associated with your Pocket Radar Sports account.  You will also be prompted for a range of velocities to show.  This helps filter out incorrect readings, throwbacks, etc.
  4. In your PR Sports app, go to MORE >> Pocket Radar Connect.  Click on the CONNECT button next to the sidelineHD logo
  5. Press REFRESH on your streaming tab.  Your live velo panel should look like this.

Game Day: Sending speeds to sidelineHD

  1. Your phone must have an Internet connection.
  2. Connect the Pocket Radar app to your radar unit.
  3. Run the app in continuous mode.  It's working when you see the speed on your screen or the three flashing dots.
  4. We recommend that you run the PR Sports radar app on top (not in the background) so that you can monitor the radar.

That's it!  Facebook and YouTube feeds are delayed between 20-60 seconds from live, so expect a delay before you see speeds in your video.

How can I tell if my sidelineHD is receiving my velo feed?

Log into your sidelineHD account, and check the Radar section on your STREAMING page.  You'll see the last 5 velo readings that we pulled your Pocket Radar account.

Note that this data is only updated when your team is livestreaming.

The velo display does not show up in my livestream

Note that the velo overlay is only shown for 20 seconds after a velo event.  Velo measurements outside of your specified speed range (too slow, etc) will not be shown.  

  1. Make sure you are currently livestreaming.
  2. Confirm that your Pocket Radar app is running, is "on top", and that speeds are showing on your phone's display.
  3. Confirm that the device running the Pocket Radar app is connected to the Internet.  (Note to Mevo users: The "Mevo Hotspot" WiFi network is not an internet hotspot.)
  4. Check the Radar section on your STREAMING page.  This shows you exactly what our system is receiving from Pocket Radar.  (The livestream shows a filtered version of your velo data.)  We recommend that you go to this page when troubleshooting because it responds more quickly and shows you all of your data.
  5. Reboot the phone with your Pocket Radar app.  This often clears up many problems.

Other helpful tips

  • Batteries.  We recommend external USB power.  Alkaline batteries will last about 1 hour.  Some livestreamers find that the right rechargeable batteries can last for one complete game.

  • Mounting.  You may want to consider positioning the radar separately from the camera.  This allows you to aim the radar away from bat swings and on-deck batters.