Welcome to sidelineHD! We're glad you are here. If you have any questions after reading the content below, don't hesitate to DM us Facebook!

1. Sign Up    

  • You can access sidelineHD from any web browser @ sidelineHD.com/get-started. You will use your Google or Facebook account to sign up and sign in going forward.

2. Team Information

  • The first step in creating your team is adding team information. This includes team name, scoreboard name, location, age, etc. You can start by importing your roster from a list of options depending on your sport type. You can also manually add your team information in a series of steps followed by the examples below. 

Baseball / Softball Import Example

Volleyball Import Example

3. Streaming Destinations

  • We allow you to stream to both Facebook and YouTube. You can link your Facebook or YouTube during the set up process or you can do so later in your streaming tab

  • Considering Facebook?
    • Check out some recent Facebook streams!
    • Decide on a Public Page or Private Group.
    • You must be an ADMIN (not a manager) of the team’s Facebook Page or Group.  If not, ask your page/group ADMIN to make you a co-ADMIN. 
    • Alternately, invite the FB ADMIN to be a co-manager of your sidelineHD team.  

  • Considering YouTube?
    • Check out some recent YouTube streams!
    • Any team can use YouTube!  There is no subscriber limitation when you use sidelineHD.
    • YouTube has live "DVR" capabilities, so viewers can enjoy instant reply.
    • When setting up a YouTube Channel for livestreaming, there is a mandatory 1-day waiting period. See more details on verifying your YouTube channel to livestream here.

    To read more:

     YouTube or Facebook   

     Create YouTube Channel

     Facebook Groups

     Add Team Manager

4. Choosing Your Camera

  • Your easiest camera option will be to go live with your device (smartphone or tablet). To access the sidelineHD app (iOS only), simply press the ‘Go Live with this device’ button on your teams home page and follow the steps. You can also download the app from the Apple app store!
  • Your other camera options include Mevo, GoPro, and Larix (smartphone app). These are considered ‘advanced cameras’ and you can set yours up in your streaming tab. 

    To read more:

           SidelineHD App (previously sidelineCAM)

Smart Phone (Larix app)

Mevo camera

GoPro camera

Go live with this device (sidelineHD app) on Home Page

Advanced Camera Options (Streaming Tab)

5. Choose Your Scoring Method 

  • Once you’ve set up your streaming destinations and have a camera, you are now ready to score! SidelineSCORE is our in-house scoring platform that can be accessed whenever logged in.
  • The scoring device will drive your scoreboard and help us generate AUTOMATIC highlights!
  • You can find sidelineSCORE in your scoring tab @ sidelineHD.com/scoring

  • If you are streaming baseball or softball, you have two options for scoring: sidelineSCORE or iScore. To  determine which option is best for your team, check out this article: sidelineSCORE vs iScore Comparison
    • sidelineSCORE is the simplest way for any parent to control your scoreboard.
    • iScore is an full scorekeeping and stat-tracking app.
    • If your team uses GameChanger for stats, we recommend sidelineSCORE.