Creating a New Team

From the HOME tab click on your team name.  At the bottom of the team list of teams, you'll see a button labeled "Create New Team".

When managing multiple teams, toggle between by clicking on the team name in the top right hand corner.

Note: While you can create multiple teams, your camera setup can only stream one team at a time.  If your teams will have overlapping streams, you'll need another team manager to add a camera to stream.  Learn more at "Pointing the Camera" below.

Pointing the Camera

Prior to the game, it's important to ensure you're streaming with the camera actively pointed to the correct team.  Confirm this before starting a new stream on your teams tab.

In the example below all 3 managers have a camera setup with their unique stream key and URL.  In photo 1, all 3 camera's appear to be pointed at other teams.  

  • Click on the button, outlined below in green to "Point" the camera at the team you wish to stream.

  • sidelineHD will ask that you confirm you want to move the camera to another team. Confirm!

  • Camera is ready to stream for the indicated by the green Ready comment on the streaming page.