Error Message #1:  Stream Error - No Destination
STREAM ERROR: Set a Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter destination for your team at

We send this text message if you have not paired your team to any Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter destination.  With sidelineHD, viewers watch games from YOUR Facebook profile/page/group, YouTube channel, or Twitter feed.


Go to the STREAMING page on sidelineHD and click on "Link YouTube", "Link Facebook" or "Link to Twitter". This will add a streaming destination. 

Error Message #2:  Stream Error - Facebook expired your access token

FB stream FAILED: FB has expired your publishing access (or it's missing). To fix-->

FB post ERROR: unable to post Tigers YT link.  FB expired publishing access to 8U Tigers. To fix-->

FB stream FAILED: FB has expired your group’s publishing access. Unlink and relink your FB group-->

We send text messages like these if Facebook has taken away our permission to publish to your Facebook profile, page or group.

Facebook expires sidelineHD's security access if sidelineHD has not posted to your linked Facebook destination in awhile (usually 90 days).  To fix this, you need to refresh your Facebook business integration with sidelineHD. See #1 below.

Additionally, Facebook requires users to add the sidelineHD 'app' to your Facebook group if that is where you choose to stream See #3 below.


You can fix this in one of two ways:

1) Go to your Facebook Business Integration page and see if permissions for the sidelineHD app have expired.

    You can check that here: Check Facebook Business Integrations

    If expired, hit the button to renew! 

2) Go to the STREAMING page on sidelineHD.  Click on the "Unlink Facebook" button.  Then, click on "Link Facebook" to re-link your page or group.  This will refresh the permissions provided to sidelineHD.

3) If you haven't done so already, be sure that the sidelineHD app (sidelineHD) has been added to your Facebook Group. See the Facebook help doc on detailed instructions on how to do so.  

Error Message #3:  Stream Error - Create live videos (#200) Permissions error

FB stream FAILED: Contact support // 'create live_videos: (#200) Permissions error

We typically send this text message when we are unable to stream to a Facebook group.  


There are a couple reasons why this might occur:

1) When streaming to a Facebook group, you must add the sidelineHD app to the group.  Learn more here: DETAILS: Streaming to a Facebook group.  (Note a desktop or laptop PC is required to perform this step — Facebook does not allow this to be done from a mobile device.)

2) If the sidelineHD app has already been added to your group, your Facebook permissions may have expired.  See Error Message #2 above to for options to remedy the issue.