Note: Most sidelineHD users do not need this page!  You should be able to one-click configure your Larix App with these directions.

Some versions of Android Larix are not compatible with the one-click URL from sidelineHD.  If you get a Larix error message on Android, you can follow these advanced directions.  (If you can, please share a screenshot of your error message with sidelineHD support.)

1. Download the most recent version of the Larix app from the Google Play store.  

2. This is the Larix settings menu.  We will refer to items on this page.

3. In Larix, go to SETTINGS >> Connections to enter your personalized sidelineHD streaming URL.  Click on "New connection".  You will be prompted for a Name and URL.  

To get what you need for these 2 fields, you need a sidelineHD GoPro URL.  In the sidelineHD STREAMING tab, select "Edit Camera", set Camera Type to "GoPro", and click "Save".  You can copy what you need from the  page.

Make sure that this connection (and only this connection) is selected.

3. In Larix, go to SETTINGS >> Video to configure the image size, bandwidth, and streaming protocol.  These are the key settings:

  • Camera
    • Resolution = 1280x720 (*see comment below)
    • FPS = 30 fixed rate
    • Orientation = Landscape
    • Live Rotation = OFF
  • Background Streaming
    • Keep streaming when not in focus = ON
  • Encoder Parameters
    • Bitrate Matches Resolution = ON
    • Keyframe frequency = 2 sec
    • Format = H.264
    • H.264 Profile = System default
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
    • Mode = Ladder ascend
    • Adaptive frame rate = OFF

Comment: in bad connectivity situations, we recommend disconnecting and changing your camera resolution from 1280x720 to something smaller: 720x480 or 640x360.

4. In Larix, go to SETTINGS >> Overlays.  Make sure that all of the Layers (overlay images) are deselected.  This will remove any extraneous Larix logos from your feed.

5. You should not need to adjust any additional video settings.  (Many of these settings are device-specific).  If you do need to set them, you can use this screenshot as a reference.

6. You should not need to adjust any audio settings.  If you do need to set them, you can use this screenshot as a reference.