T-Mobile, like many cellular carriers, throttles network usage.  This can affect your streams.

To get the best quality streaming from your carrier:

  • Use a modern phone and hotspot.  5G and UWB help.
  • Read the fine print for your data plan.  "Unlimited" devices are often throttled after a specific amount of monthly data.
  • Activate "4K UHD video" for the phones you use to stream.  This may require an added monthly fee.
  • Note that carriers only throttle at at certain usage levels and at certain levels of cell tower congestion.  A doubleheader can have one game stream well and another game stream poorly.

To upgrade T-Mobile for maximum video streaming quality:

(These instructions are for T-Mobile consumer postpaid plans.)

Technical note for advanced users: T-Mobile lists two levels for streaming - 480p and 4K UHD.  Their documentation suggests that these plan limits are mostly for viewing (downloads).  However, our users have found that these limits apply to upload streams as well, and find that they get the best results when the plan includes 4K UHD streaming.  (For reference, we recommend that a 720p stream be sent at 2.2-3Mbit.)

1. Open the "T-Mobile" app.  Click the ACCOUNT tab at the bottom of your screen.

2. Select the phone number of the device you use to stream.  Then, click on "Media Settings".

3. Make sure your streaming device is selected.  Turn on 4K UHD video.