This page describes common YouTube channel admin tasks.  

These instructions are for channel admins who have successfully streamed sidelineHD content to their channel.  To create a YouTube channel, see the directions here.

Where's my broadcast?

Broadcasts can go missing for a few reasons.

  • It takes 1-5 minutes for a new broadcast to appear to channel visitors or on YouTube search.
  • When a livestream concludes, YouTube converts the broadcast to a VOD (video on demand).  This process can take minutes to hours.  During this time, the video won't be visible on your channel.  The video will first become available in low-resolution (144p), then at full resolution (720p).
  • Your video may be blocked for copyright reasons.  See "Inspect my broadcasts" below to check.

Enter YouTube Studio (desktop browser required)

Log in to the Google account associated with your YouTube channel.  From the top right menu, select "YouTube Studio".  If necessary, use "Switch account" to find the right channel. 

Inspect my broadcasts in YouTube Studio

Click on CONTENT >> LIVE to see all your live broadcasts.

Edit a broadcast in YouTube Studio

Mouse over the name of the broadcast to: 

  • Edit the title
  • Download the video
  • Delete the video

Click on the visibility icon (the eye) to set your video to PUBLIC / UNLISTED / PRIVATE: 

  • SidelineHD broadcasts default to PUBLIC.  
  • UNLISTED videos do not show up on your YouTube channel page and do not show up on YouTube search, but remain linked from your sidelineHD page.
  • PRIVATE videos can only be seen by you and viewers you invite.

Mouse over copyright claim text to address any copyright claims: 

  • If your content is flagged for copyright, it is usually because of copyrighted music in your stream.  
  • Click on "SEE DETAILS".  You can usually request that YouTube mute this music.
  • For more information on audio and copyright issues, see this page.