AT&T, like many cellular carriers, throttles network usage.  This can affect your streams.

To get the best quality streaming from your carrier:

  • Use a modern phone and hotspot.  5G and UWB help.
  • Read the fine print for your data plan.  "Unlimited" devices are often throttled after a specific amount of monthly data.
  • Activate "maximum video streaming quality" for the phones you use to stream. This may require an added monthly fee.
  • Note that carriers only throttle at at certain usage levels and at certain levels of cell tower congestion.  A doubleheader can have one game stream well and another game stream poorly.

To upgrade AT&T for maximum video streaming quality:

1. Turn off Stream Saver

AT&T describes "Stream Saver" is on by default and limits streaming video to 1.5 Mbits (barely suitable for 480p resolution).  Here's how to turn it off:

AT&T Website - Stream Saver

This page describes Screen Saver and has a Stream Saver FAQ.

AT&T Support Website - Turn Stream Safer off or on

This page has directions for AT&T Wireless, AT&T Prepaid, and AT&T business accounts.

2. Consider plans with higher traffic priority and no rate limits

At the time this article was written, AT&T's Business Elite plan gives higher priority to traffic with no network management, up to 100GB/month.

RV Mobile Internet: AT&T Business Unlimited Elite Plan summary