Calibrating Video / Time

Live scoreboards are synchronized with time information.  SidelineHD is pre-calibrated to work with most cameras and setups.

If scoreboards / Radar change BEFORE the action happens, or in ways that seem “off” from the action, you may have a time synchronization issue.  Follow these directions to make any necessary adjustments.

Check Your Mobile Device Clocks

These phones need to have accurate clocks.  

  • Pocket Radar / Stalker Radar app must have clock within 0.25 seconds of actual time

  • sidelineSCORE / iScore app must have clock within 1 second of actual time

If the clocks are not accurate, overlays will be presented at incorrect times. 

On your mobile device, visit the website to see how accurate the device's clock is.  The precision +/- will be shown in the app.

Time-Sync Test Your Video

You may need to tune your timing settings if:

  • Your video goes to another streaming service before it goes to sidelineHD (restream, Vimeo Producer multi-destination).

  • You use an intermediate video switching device (OBS, ATEM Mini Pro, Mevo multi-cam).


Troubleshoot timing issues by recording a short live broadcast.  Set up a test as follows:

  1. Go live to your “usual” sidelineHD setup, in your “usual” way.

  • Use the EXACT SAME equipment and apps you use on game day

  • Use the EXACT SAME type of connection (cellular or hotspot data, not home WiFi)

  1. Aim your camera at this web page:

  1. Record 90 seconds of content.  Enough to see the clock overlay tick forward by one minute.

  1. Watch your video.  The overlay clock (it’s now on the top-left of the scrren) should tick forward with or just slightly (0-1s) AFTER the clock on your computer screen advances.  Click here to see a successful video test. 

Adjust Overlay Time Offset

If your video sync needs adjustment, you can adjust the timing of overlays and clips.

  1. Stop your camera's stream to sidelineHD.
  2. Go to your team's STREAMING page.  When your camera is pointing to your team, click on ADVANCED SETTINGS.
  3. Click on  + and - buttons to shift the overlays forward or backwards in time.