UPDATED June 22, 2023

Mevo single-cam users who livestream through an iOS device (no separate hotspot) may experience unmatched scoreboards and poorly cut clips.

For now, you can fix the issue by:

  1. Switching to the Mevo multi-cam app (this app can work with a single camera).
  2. Using a separate WiFi hotspot.

Which users are affected? 

Mevo Plus / StartMevo single-cam app on iOSNo separate hotspot

Note: these notes only relate to users who meet all 3 criteria.  

What happens?

You may be experiencing this problem if:

  1. Your scoreboard “predicts” the future.  The scoreboard describes events BEFORE the action happens.    
  2. SidelineHD clips are wrong.  When this problem happens, team families will receive bad clips.  
  3. Your LIVE YouTube or Facebook feed is more than 60s behind  (15-45s of delay is normal).

When does this happen?

It doesn’t happen all the time.  It can happen when a stream starts or during a stream.  

We suspect it is triggered when a poor cellular connection causes many seconds of video to be "buffered" by the Mevo app.  

Is there a workaround?

Yes.  You have three options:

  1. Switch to using the Mevo Multicam app.  This is a straightforward switch to make, and works even if you only have one Mevo.  Directions for Mevo Multicam
  2. Use ANOTHER phone as your hotspot.  Use another phone to create a WiFi network (tethering).  Make sure your phone AND your Mevo both join this network.  
  3. Use Larix until this is fixed.  Directions for streaming from Larix.

Can I help Mevo fix this faster?

Yes!  When you file a support ticket with Mevo, it registers your specific equipment, iOS, and software version.  This helps their engineers trace and fix the problem.  They will also get back to you.

I want the technical details

We suspect this issue occurs when a poor cellular connection causes many seconds of video to be "buffered" by your phone.  This delays the feed received by sidelineHD.  In the past, this issue arose when Apple changed an iOS streaming component used by Mevo software. 

  1. We have confirmed that this problem occurs for the combination of: (1) Mevo Plus/Start, (2) Logitech Mevo iOS app 4.2.1 (277), (3) using the phone’s cellular connection.
  2. Time-synchronization is required for sidelineHD to work correctly.  You can calibrate your setup here.
  3. If you think you are experiencing this issue, help us troubleshoot by including a live clock in your feed. This is a healthy feed. This feed has video lagging by 10 minutes.