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  • Create a sidelineHD account with with your Facebook or Gmail login and begin setting up your team.

  • After you finish adding all team information, you will be taken to your team's home page where you can enter your player roster.  If player jersey numbers are unavailable, add placeholder numbers and update them later.  You can add/edit player information on your HOME tab anytime before streaming.

  • You can use sidelineHD to stream to Facebook, YouTube or both simultaneously!.  Choose the destinations that fit your team.  LINK all destinations you prefer and hit FINISH!  You can add or adjust these later on your tab.

  • CAMERA - we work with any camera that can livestream using RTMP.  Mevo, GoPro, or Smart Device (iPhone, iPad, Android + more). View all camera options here

  • Run a live test!  You'll find the live test option on Start a livestream with your streaming device (Larix, Mevo, GoPro). You’ll use device #2 to create and score your game.  You can score via the tab on any browser.