When your Stalker Sport Radar is linked to sidelineHD, livestreams and highlight clips will display LIVE pitching speeds.

Adding LIVE velo feeds from Stalker Sport

Which Stalker Sport model and app do I need?

You need a radar gun with bluetooth connectivity and the StalkerSport iOS app.

  • The Stalker Pro II+ supports pitched velo and exit velo.
  • The Stalker Pro IIs supports pitched velo, exit velo, and spin rate.
  • You will need the StalkerSport app for iOS.  An in-app purchase for sidelineHD livestreaming integration is required ($1.99/month - note that this fee is paid to Stalker, not sidelineHD).

Pairing your app to sidelineHD

Perform these steps on an iOS device that is logged into sidelineHD and that has the StalkerSport app.

  1. Before starting, make sure you have installed the StalkerSport app and connected it with your radar gun.  When the gun is in XMIT mode, you should see live velo measurements on the screen.
  2. In the StalkerSport app, click the gear icon.  Select the sidelineHD option.
  3. Turn on "Send live velo feed to sidelineHD".  If you haven't subscribed to this feature, you'll be prompted to activate a $1.99/month subscription.  The bottom of the screen will show a 15-character sidelineHD app code. Click the copy icon to transfer it into your clipboard.
  4. Switch to your web browser (Safari) and log in to your team's page on sidelineHD.  Go to the STREAMING tab and select "Pair StalkerSport app".
  5. Paste the 15-character app code into the box.  You will also be prompted for a range of velocities to show.  This helps filter out incorrect readings, throwbacks, etc.  Click SAVE.
  6. Press REFRESH on your streaming tab.  Your live velo panel should look like this.

Game Day: Sending speeds to sidelineHD

  1. Your phone must have an Internet connection.
  2. Connect the StalkerSport app to your radar unit.
  3. It's working when your screen shows the speed and a green "sidelineHD connected".
  4. We recommend that you run the StalkerSport app on top (not in the background) so that you can monitor the radar.

That's it!  Facebook and YouTube feeds are delayed between 20-60 seconds from live, so expect a delay before you see speeds in your video.

How can I tell if my sidelineHD is receiving my velo feed?

Log into your sidelineHD account, and check the live velo section on your STREAMING page.  You'll see the last 5 velo readings that we received from your StalkerSport app.