Some Facebook accounts are not allowing logins when trying to pair a Facebook publishing destination. 

Users with those accounts will see this error after they enter their login on Facebook.

This is a Facebook issue and we are trying to help them to resolve it.  Other video platforms (Mevo) are experiencing the same problem.

What's happening?

Linking to a Facebook publishing destination is supposed to work as follows:

Users with this issue get this Facebook error screen after step 3.

What can I do?

This is a Facebook issue and we are waiting for them to resolve it.  We believe it affects about 1-in-10 of all Facebook accounts.

1. This does not affect all Facebook accounts.  Some users have had success inviting another manager with a different Facebook account.  To do so:

  • On Facebook, add another user as an admin (must be admin, not manager) to your Page or Group.
  • On sidelineHD, invite that user as a manager.  You will need their phone number.

  • The new manager will be prompted to open an account on sidelineHD.  
  • The new manager can go to STREAMING to complete the pairing process.  Because only some Facebook accounts are affected, this has worked for some of our users.

2. Some users have had success after re-trying the pairing step many times.

3. You can publish to YouTube or Twitter.