Here's what you need to stream volleyball games with sidelineHD:

  • Phone or tablet to score the game
  • Phone or tablet for your streaming camera.  Use a modern phone, as they have the best antennas and connectivity.
  • Mounting solution (tripod) and power pack.

Here is our recommended equipment for first time volleyball streamers:

You can click here find all these on Amazon: SidelineHD Volleyball: Recommended Purchase Kit

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1/ Tripod

This is usually placed behind your team.  Some tripods have bag hooks so you can add stabilizing weight.

One option is the Amazon Basics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod.

How high to go?  We recommend that you start with a shorter, more stable tripod.  Taller tripods (80+ inch) give better views, but can have a larger footprint and require more weight to stay stable.

2/ Tripod mount for phone / tablet

This mounts your streaming device to the tripod.

Some options:  Smartphone Tripod Mount, Tablet Tripod Mount


NOTE: Buy a strong protective case for your device.  All tripods WILL topple over at some point!

3/ Power bank and cord

Streaming uses a lot of battery power.

One option: 30,800mAh LCD Display Power Bank, Multiple Connector Power Cords (Apple + Android Compatible)

4/ Weight bag (optional)

This is great for stabilizing tripods and holding battery chargers.

One option: Selens Tripod Weight Bag

To see all of these recommendations in one place, click here:

Amazon: SidelineHD Volleyball: Recommended Purchase Kit