Here's what you need to stream basketball games with sidelineHD:

  • Phone or tablet to score the game
  • Phone or tablet for your streaming camera.  Use a modern phone, as they have the best antennas and connectivity.
  • Mounting solution (tripod) and power pack.

Here is our recommended equipment for first time basketball streamers:

You can click here find all these on Amazon: SidelineHD Basketball: Recommended Purchase Kit

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1/ Tripod

This is usually placed behind your team.  Some tripods have bag hooks so you can add stabilizing weight.

One option is the Amazon Basics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod.

How high to go?  We recommend that you get as high as you can in the bleachers to cover as much court in the screen as possible.  With your phone or tablet you'll be able to zoom in on the court. However, you might prefer a tighter shot and need to pan the camera side to side using the handle to cover full court action. We recommend that you start with a shorter, more stable tripod that allows for adjustable leg heights.  Often on the bleachers you'll have the front legs on the bleacher in front of you and the back legs on the base of the bleachers.

2/ Tripod mount for phone / tablet

This mounts your streaming device to the tripod.

Some options:  Smartphone Tripod Mount, Tablet Tripod Mount


NOTE: Buy a strong protective case for your device.  All tripods WILL topple over at some point!

3/ Power bank and cord

Streaming uses a lot of battery power.

One option: 30,800mAh LCD Display Power Bank, Multiple Connector Power Cords (Apple + Android Compatible)

4/ Weight bag (optional)

This is great for stabilizing tripods and holding battery chargers.

One option: Selens Tripod Weight Bag

To see all of these recommendations in one place, click here:

Amazon: SidelineHD Basketball: Recommended Purchase Kit