When your player profile is paired with a Diamond Kinetics account, we will add swing data to your highlight clips.

To get started, you'll need:

  1. A claimed player on sidelineHD
  2. Diamond Kinetics DK+ membership, iOS app, and swing sensor

1. Pair a DK profile

1/ Open your DK app.  Select your player.  In the clubhouse, click on the gear icon.

2/ You'll see your player's SETTINGS page.  Make a long press (press and hold) on your player's image.

3/ You'll see a message indicating that your DK ID has been copied to your clipboard. 

3/ Log in to sidelineHD and go to your claimed player's page.  Click the pencil.

4/ Click on Integrations tab.  Paste your DK ID and click Pair.

5/ If everything is working, the screen will show the most recent swing captured by the DK app.

2. Getting in-game sensor measurements

Note: league rules may vary regarding in-game sensor use.

1/ Before your AB, double tap your sensor.  A quick way to do this is to hit the tip of your bat into the dirt 2 times.  The green light should be on and flashing.

2/ Swing for the fences!

3/ Anytime during or after the game, open your DK app.  Select your player.  When the sensor is on (green light, double tap if necessary), tap on the SWING button.

Your swing session will begin.  We'll have access to all swings captured during your session.

If your sensor has captured swings since your previous session, you'll be prompted to import them.  (Make sure the correct player is selected.)

3/ We check for new DK swing data every 2 hours.  If the swing data matches with a highlight clip, your swing stats will be added to the video.

The Integrations tab always shows the most recent swing information we have for your player.

3. Updating your App + Firmware

Update your DK+ App by going to the app store and searching for "Diamond Kinetics".

If you are pairing a new sensor, you may need to update it.

To update a paired sensor, tap 2x to turn on, then follow these steps.