We release experimental features to benefit our advanced user community

  • These features may be less reliable and are subject to change
  • We don't provide direct support for these features and don't recommend them for new users


Why might I want to use SRT?

  1. SRT is another method to send your stream to sidelineHD.  You will get the same UP/DOWN messages, the same publishing to FB/YT, and the same clips.
  2. The SRT protocol allows you to use HEVC (H.265) video compression, which sends the same quality video in 1/2 the bandwidth.  (Note: the fastest way to get started with HEVC is to use the Larix Broadcaster app.)
  3. More reliable data transmission in certain situations.

Why might I NOT want to use SRT?

  • This is an "early feature" in the Mevo app.  It's (currently) harder to use than Mevo's RTMP features. There is no connection status information, no support for one-click configuration.
  • This is not supported by the Mevo Multicam app.

What should I know?

  • SRT works as any other sidelineHD advanced camera source.
  • You will get UP / DOWN text messages as before.

What do I need?

  1. Mevo Start camera
  2. Mevo single-cam app
  3. You have successfully added your Mevo camera and streamed to sidelineHD via RTMP.

How do I configure my Mevo app?

1/ Login to sidelineHD and go to your STREAMING tab.  If you don't already have an advanced camera, create one.  If your advanced camera is not a Mevo, click on "Edit camera" to change camera type to Mevo. 

2/ Get your stream key by clicking on Camera info >> Manually enter RTMP.  Copy the Stream Key field.

Your Stream ID is:

shd03/{Stream Key}

For example, let's say your stream key is: s03-wwww-xxxx-yyyy-zzzz

Your Stream ID would then be:


NOTE: URL parameters are subject to change

3/ Enter your Mevo single cam-app.  All SRT functions are available by clicking on SETTINGS (the gear icon).  Click on SRT Settings.

4/ Make the following settings

[Q2: For mobile applications, the bw should go down to 1Mbit for 720p]

Starting and stopping the stream

To toggle streaming ON/OFF, go to SETTINGS (gear icon).

"SRT" shows when streaming is activated.  The indicator light on your Mevo transitions from GREEN to RED when there is a working connection.

CAUTION: this screen does not (yet) show stream status.  There is no feedback on connection status or quality.  We recommend monitoring your sidelineHD connection status messages.

Questions / Feedback?

Experimental features are minimally supported.  For Mevo help, contact Mevo or use the Mevo Customer Group on Facebook.  Please submit written tickets via https://help.sidelinehd.com/.