Use this page if you need to enter a RTMP stream key for your camera or restreaming service.

(Note that we have direct help pages for: sidelineCAM, Larix Broadcaster, Mevo, GoPro)

We assign each advanced camera its own RTMP stream key.  Streams sent to these keyed destinations automatically go LIVE on sidelineHD.  

To find your sidelineHD stream key:

1/ Log in to sidelineHD and go to your STREAMING tab.

2/ If you don't already have an advanced camera, create one.  If your advanced camera is not a Mevo, click on "Edit camera" to change camera type to Mevo. 

3/ Get your sidelineHD Stream URL and Stream Key at Camera info >> Manually enter RTMP.  Leave this window up for now.

4/ Paste the Stream URL and Stream Key where it's needed.  

Some services refer to Stream URL as Server.  For example, this is OBS:

NOTE 1: This is an RTMPS key.  Some platforms do better with RTMP (unencrypted stream) instead of RTMPS.  To convert to RTMP URL, make these manual edits to the Stream URL: 

  • Replace rtmps:// with rtmp://
  • Replace :443 with :1935

NOTE 2: Some platforms require a single line for the RTMP destination.  In that case, combine both of the entries together, making sure that there is a slash / between them.