It's never been easier to setup a livestreaming destination on sidelineHD! Until June 2023, all sidelineHD posts to personal Facebook profiles (not applicable to pages or groups) were published to the ONLY ME audience and needed manually changed each stream in order for FRIENDS or the PUBLIC to view. Now you can set your stream audience to PUBLIC or FRIENDS by default for all future streams.  It's important to be cognizant of the options you select when setting up your sidelineHD integration with Facebook for the first time so your audience can view your streams.  But if you don't quite get the audience you want, make the modification by following these steps.

Modifying Privacy settings on your sidelineHD Facebook Business Integration

  1. Understand the Facebook Post audience you have selected for your streams below.  
  2. To modify your audience selection navigate here: Facebook Business Integrations
  3. Hit the carrot next to the sidelineHD option.
  4. Toggle the switch to PUBLIC or FRIENDS and save and stream!