For pre-match libero setup, use the SET LINEUP option. During match libero setupadjust using the SETTINGS button in sidelineSCORE. The libero setting ensures they don't rotate to the front row. Begin with your on-court lineup and swap in a libero after lineup verification by the ref.

Libero Auto Rotation

Libero Do's:

  1. Play only in the back row.
  2. Replace any back-row player without notifying officials.
  3. Serve in one rotation position per set.
  4. Wear a contrasting uniform for easy identification.
  5. Set overhand from behind the 3-meter line, provided the ball doesn't cross the net at a point above its height.

Libero Dont's:

  1. Hit from in front of the 3-meter line if the ball is entirely above the net.
  2. Attempt or participate in blocks.
  3. Serve in more than one rotation in a set.
  4. Replace a front-row player.
  5. Overhand set from in front of the 3-meter line if the resultant attack crosses the net above its height.

Always refer to the latest USAV or sanctioning rulebook for comprehensive rules.