SidelineHD player profiles can be paired to SportsRecruits recruiting profiles – an existing profile or a new FREE recruiting profile.  This is a great option for athletes with college aspirations in the 8th grade or older.

To get started, you'll need to be logged in, with a claimed player on sidelineHD.

Link or Create a SportsRecruits Profile

  1. Login to and navigate to your player profile.
  2. Click on the SportsRecruits banner on the player profile page (see above).
  4. If you have an existing SportsRecruits profile, you'll likely see a suggestion to link that profile. If the profile is accurate, select CONNECT THIS ACCOUNT.
  5. If there is no account listed or the correct account is not listed, select one of the following buttons:
  6. The connection will be confirmed on screen, and your player profile page will now show the SportsRecruits logo in the top left hand corner.  Once paired, up to 10 of your best clips  automatically load to your SportsRecruits Profile.