Once your sidelineHD player profile is paired to a SportsRecruits player profile, your best clips are automatically transferred to SportsRecruits.  No more downloading and uploading of clips!

Automatic Clip Transfer

  • We auto-transfer your best clips as they are generated.
  • When your profile is first paired, we send 10 of your player's best clips to SportsRecruits.

You can locate and review all clips on your SportsRecruits video tab. You can toggle the visibility setting of clips anytime.

Manual Clip Transfer

  • To transfer a clip to your SportsRecruits profile, click the STAR button.  This pins your highlight and auto-transfers the clip to SportsRecruits.

  • Alternately, click the 3-dots [...] on the bottom left hand corner of the clip and select Add to SportsRecruits.