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Livestreamers, download the app at Apple App Store Link


  1. Is the sidelineHD app compatible with all Apple devices? Yes, the app is optimized for many iPhone and iPad devices.
  2. How does the sidelineHD app enhance streaming?  

    With HEVC-enabled streams, automated settings, and an Apple-focused user interface, it offers a top-tier streaming experience.

  3. How can I start using the sidelineHD app? 

    Download the app, log in to your existing sidelineHD account, or sign up as a new user.

  4. What are the new login options in the app? Alongside Facebook and Gmail, new users can sign up using their Apple ID, making the process smoother and more integrated with iOS devices.

  5. Can the app simultaneously record at a higher resolution while streaming?

     Yes, this is live! Learn more here: sidelineHD App - Record Feature

  6. Will there be an Android version of the sidelineHD app? Yes, we're planning to bring this experience to Android users in the future.

  7. Who should I contact for support with the sidelineHD app? Our dedicated support team is available to help you. Contact our team via Facebook Direct Message (DM) at or open a ticket at

  8. Does the sidelineHD app replace Larix or sidelineCAM? 

    Our goal is to replace these options with sidelineHD iOS and Android apps. We aim to eliminate the need for the $9.99 per month Larix fee, offering an app that functions with a different and more reliable technology than sidelineCAM. We highly recommend all Apple sidelineCAM users switch to the new sidelineHD app for an improved experience.

  9. I stream with Mevo or GoPro, should I download the sidelineHD app?

    Having a backup option ready to go live for your team at any moment is always beneficial, especially if you encounter issues with your third-party setup. By having the sidelineHD app, you'll have a reliable backup and be prepared to take advantage of additional features as we integrate those into the app.

  10. Should my team's parents download the Sideline HD app? Currently, the sidelined app is specifically designed as a camera tool with features tailored for live streamers. Unless they are in a role like a team manager, there are no specific player management functions in the app now. So, for now, it's mainly beneficial for those directly involved in livestreaming sports events.