Any team manager can start their livestream directly from the team’s sidelineHD home page. However, if you'd like to see more detailed instructions for each camera option, navigate to the links below. 

Please note, if you're using Mevo/GoPro/Larix, once you set up your camera for the first time and load your RTMP information, you can go live directly from your camera app from then on. The following information is geared toward either 1) setting up your camera for the first time or 2) if you want to ensure you have your RTMP information loaded correctly in your camera app. 

Going live from your team's home page (helpful for new users)

1. Sign in to sidelineHD and find the team you'd like to stream for. 

2. Choose to go live with sidelineCAM (in-browser camera) if you want the easiest path to going live. If you are using sidelineCAM to stream, you are done! No need to look further. But if you are looking to stream with another camera option, advance to the next steps.

3. If you have a camera you are ready to set up, navigate to your streaming tab ( and choose which option represents your camera.

4. Once you set up your camera in your streaming tab, you will then find the Advanced Camera option on your home page. This will allow you to go live from your home page at any time. Keep in mind, again, that you can go live directly from your camera and DO NOT need to start from your sidelineHD home page each time (unless using sidelineCAM of course). 

5. By clicking advanced camera on your home page, you will be prompted with the options below. Simply choose the camera option that you've set up, and you will be taken to your camera app. This will properly load your RTMP information and allow you to go live right away.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach us by way of Facebook DM or email